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Mark Embling

Tagged 'html'

Using a Google Apps Account as my OpenID Identity

On the 1st February this year, JanRain decided to shut down the myOpenID service which I'd been using up until recently for logging into OpenID-enabled sites such as Stack Overflow and others using my own domain. Because of this, I've now switched to using my Google apps account to replace myOpenID.

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DevEvening - HTML5 Overview

Last night I did a talk at DevEvening giving an overview of some of the new and fun things in HTML5 (and associated specs). It was a little on the short side, but as promised I have uploaded the slides and all the links (which the projector rendered pretty much unreadable) here.

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Monitoring My Energy Usage (Part 3)

In parts 1, 2 and 2a, I set up my Current Cost device and built a small app for logging all the data into a MongoDB database. It is now time to delve into displaying the data by exploring the Rails-based web front-end I have been (and continue to be) working on.

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Canvas Circles

Spurred on by the excitement of the HTML5 canvas hack night, I decided to put together something of my own using canvas and generally have a good play around with it all, and throw in a few extra new-and-shiny goodies such as audio.

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HTML5 Canvas Hack Night

Last night I attended Rob Hawkes' first hack night, focusing on HTML 5 canvas. Ever since Rob first mentioned this idea, it was something which appealed to me and it did not disappoint. It was an enjoyable evening of learning and hacking, fuelled by a supply of pizza generously provided by Microsoft thanks to Ben Nunney and Martin Beeby.

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Shrinking HTML

Recently I was looking into making HTML 5 a little smaller. I found that not only can you make all the usual tweaks to save space such as removing any instances of div overload and keeping class names and IDs small, you can actually remove entire chunks of HTML which isn't technically required.

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