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Photography on Instagram

I like to get away from the computer when I can and work on my photography skills. These are usually out in the woods or in nature, and sometimes I take along coins and other items to use as well. I publish my favourite shots to Instagram - check them out and if you're into it, give me a follow over there too.

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Adding a Maker's Mark to 3D Prints

Just as clothing producers add labels to their product, blacksmiths add a touchmark and artists sign or stamp their work, sometimes it can be useful to be able to stamp your own logo or 'maker's mark' into objects which you 3D print.

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Ecosia: Planting Trees by Searching

Several years ago I came across Ecosia, a search engine which helps the environment through planting trees. I didn't adopt it back then, partly because the impact of what they do was lost on me somewhat, and partly because I didn't find the actual results or the usability as good as what I was used to. Both of these have now changed so I wanted to share.

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