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Mark Embling

3D Printing at Mark's Hub

Do you need something printing but don't have your own 3D printer? Contact me to get your model printed in any of a selection of colours and materials.

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Using a Google Apps Account as my OpenID Identity

On the 1st February this year, JanRain decided to shut down the myOpenID service which I'd been using up until recently for logging into OpenID-enabled sites such as Stack Overflow and others using my own domain. Because of this, I've now switched to using my Google apps account to replace myOpenID.

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Keep on Learning

Back at the end of 2012, I wrote about my first edX learning experience taking the Software as a Service course. Over the course of 2013, I participated in several other free online courses and I am a firm believer that constantly learning is well worth it and helps keep you sharp.

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Whilst working in various different .NET-based projects, I can find myself doing the same things over and over again. Quite often, this can be copied and pasted from one project to another or re-implemented slightly differently from one project to another. I don't think this is the best approach, so I've decided to start bringing together all these bits and pieces to form MarkEmbling.Utils.

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Introducing Storelet

Backups: we all know that they're vital. Right? Backups are really really important. To that end, I've written storelet, a tiny little library for easily writing simple backup scripts using Python.

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Using Google's Spreadsheet API using .NET, OAuth 2.0 and a Service Account

Last weekend I found myself needing to make use of the Google Spreadsheet API using a service account to manage spreadsheets belonging to users of a Google Apps domain from within a .NET application.

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Online Learning with EdX

Recently I completed the Software as a Service course on edX (CS169.1x) and felt it might be worth sharing some thoughts about the experience, and why I think edX and others like it are game-changing.

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