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Mark Embling

3D Printing

Do you need something printing but don't have your own 3D printer? I own a LulzBot Mini and LulzBot TAZ 5 and can offer print services in a number of materials and colours. Prints can be sent via Royal Mail or picked up in person.

In order to get a quote for printing your part, please contact me and I will respond via email.


As previously announced, 3D Hubs have recently closed down all peer-to-peer hubs who were not enrolled in their 'Fulfilled by 3D Hubs' programme in order to fully focus on the B2B market and high-value industrial printing. This means the 3D Hubs powered ordering process is no longer available for me and many other smaller hubs, and I've had to remove their order widget from my site.

In due course, I will be putting together a new quoting/ordering process to allow uploading of STL files and integrating that into this site to make the process smooth and easy. However in the meantime, the printers are still available and I'm happy to take on printing projects - just contact me to kick the process off.


I can offer prints in the following materials:

  • ColorFabb PLA-PHA in a variety of colours
  • ColorFabb nGen in black, white and dark grey
  • ABS in black and white
  • Faberdashery PLA in several colours
  • ColorFabb BambooFill or CorkFill