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Mark Embling

Tagged 'domain'

Using a Google Apps Account as my OpenID Identity

On the 1st February this year, JanRain decided to shut down the myOpenID service which I'd been using up until recently for logging into OpenID-enabled sites such as Stack Overflow and others using my own domain. Because of this, I've now switched to using my Google apps account to replace myOpenID.

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Creating a Custom URL Shortener

Having seen a fair few people using their own custom domain for posting links on Twitter and so on (Rob Hawkes with, Scott Hanselman with and various others including tech blogs and news companies with short and sweet names), I thought it was time I grabbed one of my own. I have set it up with Pro and thought it might be useful to share my thoughts and experiences.

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Standardising My Domain

Whilst browsing the web, I came across an article on URL Canonicalisation by Matt Cutts which talks about the fact you should standardise on one "main" domain name for your site and ensure any others redirects to it using a 301 permanent redirect.

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