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Tagged 'hardware'

Monitoring My Energy Usage (Part 4)

The first three parts of this series talk about the hardware and software I have set up in order to capture my energy usage. Of course, it's a good fun (and somewhat geeky) project but ultimately the aim is to help me save energy. So now it's been up and running a little while, it has yielded results which have taken a slightly unexpected turn.

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Monitoring My Energy Usage (Part 2a)

In part 2, I discussed logging the data from my Current Cost device into a MongoDB database using a small app running on my home server. It turns out I have made a glaring schoolboy error, which thankfully I have caught before it causes an actual problem. Having had some time to collect data and start analysing it, I've also found a couple of other problems as well. I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit these issues.

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Monitoring My Energy Usage (Part 1)

Recently I've been thinking about ways in which I can take control and save money. A good candidate for this in my view is energy consumption. It's commonly acknowledged these days that having a large carbon footprint makes you single-handedly responsible for the deaths of all polar bears and who knows what else, so it also has a nice "eco" twist as well. Extra karma points...?

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Drobo & DroboShare

Recently I bought a Drobo, a storage device which takes up to four SATA hard drives and combines them together to form a large volume whilst at the same time providing protection against drive failure or corruption.

Drobo comes with the ability to connect locally like any other storage device via USB or Firewire 800. It is also possible to connect it to your network using a DroboShare. I chose this option and bought the Drobo and DroboShare bundle from Ebuyer.

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