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Mark Embling

Tagged 'server'

DHCP and Dynamic DNS

My network at home up until recently has centred entirely around a cheap ADSL router from O2. This is fine, but I decided to move the DHCP duty over to my little home server. As part of this, I thought it would be nice for it to also handle DNS, and dynamically assign DNS names to the machines it learns about through DHCP requests.

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Monitoring My Energy Usage (Part 4)

The first three parts of this series talk about the hardware and software I have set up in order to capture my energy usage. Of course, it's a good fun (and somewhat geeky) project but ultimately the aim is to help me save energy. So now it's been up and running a little while, it has yielded results which have taken a slightly unexpected turn.

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Standardising My Domain

Whilst browsing the web, I came across an article on URL Canonicalisation by Matt Cutts which talks about the fact you should standardise on one "main" domain name for your site and ensure any others redirects to it using a 301 permanent redirect.

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