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Colour Chooser

Often I find myself needing a convenient way to pick colours for CSS files and various other things, pretty much every single day. Unfortunately, it has always been a bit of a hassle, with no convenient tool for doing so — certainly opening up something like Photoshop just for choosing a colour is not ideal! I know there are hundreds of these out there already, but somehow none of them really worked for me. I decided to write (another) one, with the really imaginative name of 'Colour Chooser'.

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Git Server: Gitosis and Cygwin on Windows

Git is arguably the latest and greatest SCM tool available - my latest tool of choice in place of the old favourite Subversion, and as such have decided to move to using it for my personal projects. In addition, we have decided to use it at work, where we run operate using a mainly-Windows environent. This lead me on to setting up a Git server on Windows. This was achieved using Cygwin and plain old SSH/Git. This serves us fine for our needs, but a comment on twitter got me thinking - can Gitosis be used under Cygwin for a slicker experience. The answer is yes, and this post will explain how.

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