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Tagged 'mongodb'

JSON and Dates/Times

Lately I've noticed that JSON and dates/times do not go together well. JSON allows integers, fractional numbers, strings, arrays and so on, but no way to natively specify a point in time. It turns out this relatively minor-sounding point can cause a fair bit more pain than it probably should.

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Using Map-Reduce in a MongoDB Based Application

Recently I've been working on a couple of sites on-and-off in my spare time which both have a couple of things in common: they both use MongoDB as a data store and both incorporate the concept of tagging. Using MongoDB's map-reduce functionality is ideal for getting the list of tags, but it does come with its own set of potential issues which are well worth bearing in mind.

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Going 'NoSQL' with MongoDB and C#

I've noticed with interest the 'NoSQL' movement which seems to have arrived recently and have on the whole ignored it. I generally find myself getting on well with relational databases and based on that fact (and the fact they are so commonly used), I have not looked into any of the alternatives. However, I have recently read various articles talking in particularly about CouchDB and MongoDB and after reading a little bit about both, I decided to give MongoDB a closer look.

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