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Mark Embling

Tagged 'c-sharp'

Using Google's Spreadsheet API using .NET, OAuth 2.0 and a Service Account

Last weekend I found myself needing to make use of the Google Spreadsheet API using a service account to manage spreadsheets belonging to users of a Google Apps domain from within a .NET application.

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MongoDB and .NET Follow-up: NoRM

In December I posted about MongoDB and using it within .NET applications. I had always intended to post one (or more) follow-up posts but various things conspired against me causing it never to happen. Well, now that time is over and I thought it was about time I explored another MongoDB .NET driver.

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Going 'NoSQL' with MongoDB and C#

I've noticed with interest the 'NoSQL' movement which seems to have arrived recently and have on the whole ignored it. I generally find myself getting on well with relational databases and based on that fact (and the fact they are so commonly used), I have not looked into any of the alternatives. However, I have recently read various articles talking in particularly about CouchDB and MongoDB and after reading a little bit about both, I decided to give MongoDB a closer look.

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