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JSON and Dates/Times

Lately I've noticed that JSON and dates/times do not go together well. JSON allows integers, fractional numbers, strings, arrays and so on, but no way to natively specify a point in time. It turns out this relatively minor-sounding point can cause a fair bit more pain than it probably should.

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Uncountable Nouns in Rails 3 Resource Routing

Yesterday I was puzzling over how to deal with the situation in Rails 3 where a resource name is an uncountable noun. It turns out Rails actually deals with this quite elegantly, but it seems not to be widely known - certainly I had an hour of headaches until I stumbled upon the answer. Hopefully this post will stop anyone else having that same headache.

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Monitoring My Energy Usage (Part 4)

The first three parts of this series talk about the hardware and software I have set up in order to capture my energy usage. Of course, it's a good fun (and somewhat geeky) project but ultimately the aim is to help me save energy. So now it's been up and running a little while, it has yielded results which have taken a slightly unexpected turn.

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DevEvening - HTML5 Overview

Last night I did a talk at DevEvening giving an overview of some of the new and fun things in HTML5 (and associated specs). It was a little on the short side, but as promised I have uploaded the slides and all the links (which the projector rendered pretty much unreadable) here.

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